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  Welcome!  I’m so glad you’re interested in Cruelty Free   You’re like me, an animal lover!  This site is the culmination of my passion.  It’s a place that helps us make good “Cruelty Free” choices with the products we use most. 

       For me, I was just a kid when I became aware of the plight many animals face.  When I was 10 years old, I watched a news program about animal testing, and I was horrified by it.  Over my lifetime those images have played a part in influencing me to be more interested, conscious, aware of, and concerned with animal “welfare” in general.  

    It’s a lifestyle, really.  I’m a cheerleader for animal rescue; my pets Bernie, Teddy, Oscar and Louie can asset to that.  I’ve also become a vegetarian, which is good for animals, my health and of course the environment.  Eventually, I had a question come to mind, “What other changes could I make?”  I hadn’t stopped with just one thing, and if I wasn’t all in, was I in at all?  So, I set out to make sure the products I used on a daily basis were, in fact, cruelty-free.

     After a lot of effort, I found an abundance of great “Cruelty-Free” products, but in order to get them I had to drive all over the place!  I’d go to one store for skin care, another for shampoo, still another for makeup remover, and on and on….It was simply too much!  This is when the idea for “Cruelty Free - Beauty Baby Pet and Home” started.  One place to connect people, like you and me, to the products we need in our daily life, all certified cruelty free.   

     Cruelty Free takes the guess work out - thanks in part to a great organization and our partner, The Leaping Bunny Coalition and their tireless research.  

     You are here because you’re like me, conscientious about animals, the planet, and the world.  Thank you for caring and sharing in this mission to support responsible companies that care the way we do.

 Julie Kirk,

Founder & CEO Cruelty Free